As a small business owner, you are bombarded with many marketing options to help get customers in the door. While traditional tactics like sign spinners or billboards may have short-term benefits, social advertising on Facebook can provide you with not only first-time customers, but can help establish a loyal fan base.

When Facebook shifted their algorithm a few years back to affect the number of fans seeing posts organically, marketers quickly changed their strategy to include paid advertising as a way of getting in front of the customer more effectively.

For small businesses, this presented a huge challenge as many owners thought they had to spend significant money on marketing to potential customers via Facebook. Luckily, with the various ad options Facebook provides to businesses, you can launch a campaign on a small budget and still see positive results.

Here are some of the best Facebook ad options to help you drive additional revenue to your business:

Offer Claims

Facebook users are always looking for the best deals before trying out a new business. A very effective way to get them in the door would be a limited-time discount or offer. 

The best combo for this ad unit is an appealing piece of content (video, image, etc.) along with a percentage off or BOGO offer. You will be able to easily track these new customers through the ones that redeem your digital coupon.

Event Responses

Do you have an upcoming event at your business that might attract a new audience? Event Response ads give you the opportunity to showcase your services and users have the option to add your event to their social calendar.

Again, a visually appealing video or image will help set you apart from the competition. If you plan to include a video as your main visual, make sure it catches their eye in the first three seconds. We can easily customize your target audience to get people to RSVP and visit your business.

Store Visits

Don’t have an offer or event that you would like to promote? Store Visit ads allow you to stand out and introduce your business to thousands of people eager to try out your services. If you are a restaurant, showcase some of your top dishes through a carousel ad. 

If you have your location structure set up on your Facebook page, this ad unit is a snap to create. Although you might not be able to track conversions through this ad, you will be able to get new eyeballs on your small business that may have not considered you in the past.

Create. Consume. Convert. 

At Peak XV Marketing, our number one goal is to create a Facebook or Instagram ad program to digitally own your neighborhood. We help pick the best ad options for people to easily consume on Facebook. When all the parts come together, you will have an effective digital marketing strategy without breaking the bank and see new customers convert.