CUSTOM Web Application Development

With our unique process of on-shore architecture and project management and off-shore development, your project is assured to have the right mix of clear communication of requirements balanced with the cost savings of off-shore assembly.

On-shore: All business requirements, technical specifications, architectural decisions, and project management are performed in Fishers, Indiana. Your communication will always be with an owner of Peak XV who is vested in your success.

Off-shore: Our engineers have advanced computer science degrees and are able to follow technical specifications to the letter. Our relentless QA teams stamp out all the programming bugs so your application is ready to go day one.

Our Work

We were building the Internet before “Google” was a verb and Y2K had a fear factor. Put our experience to work for you.

We build complex applications with a minimum of 500 hours - which may sound daunting, but when executed correctly, puts you at a starting price near $25,000. If your application is ready for a version 2.0 rebuild, needs to be integrated with another platform, or is an idea that just won’t go away, our experience is what you need to make it happen. Below are some projects by areas:

Social and Marketing:

  • Our flagship application at Peak XV Marketing is an application which has integration points to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other platforms.
  • We built a lead generation add-in to a CRM which used codes to track affiliate leads into a common database.
  • We built a social contest application which was used to collect email entries for Maytag, the Chicago Bears, Microsoft, LG, and many more.

Enterprise Productivity

  • We build version 2.0 of a call center workflow application which helped agents to make sales through dynamic screen script templates.
  • We built a document management system which loaded thousands of documents per second into a SQL database and could recall documents by indexed OCR metadata.

Health Care

  • We integrated four different clinical applications – imaging, patient records, dictation, and financials – into a unified clinical platform.
  • We built an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) application for a startup that had a business model serving doctors, patients, and insurance companies.


World-class tools to do world-class work. Let’s build it in the cloud.

Platforms: Our preference is to build cloud-based applications. If you aren’t in the cloud, consider it for the benefits of cost, security, and disaster recovery. We have helped move entire data centers to both Virtual Private Clouds (VPC) or to true cloud providers. We recommend Amazon or Microsoft Azure.

Development Language: We have found that Microsoft tools have a large benefit in Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools that help push the development process to a quick completion. We also use free technologies such as MySQL with PHP.

Methodologies: We have flexible project engagements including fixed-bid, not-to-exceed, time-based contracts. We can manage a project to agile, waterfall, or a hybrid project plan.


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